How to Avoid Upgrading to Windows 10

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In the past week, we have heard people saying that their computer has upgraded to Windows 10 automatically.  According to them, they never once chose to reserve an upgrade or install Windows 10.  Their intentions were to not upgrade to Windows 10.

From what we have heard, there is a chance that a recent Windows Update released in March 2016 has potentially made the Windows 10 upgrade more likely to install.  The image at the top of this blog post (excuse the picture quality) shows a screen that some people may have seen.  It says, “Thanks for reserving.  Your Windows 10 upgrade is here.”  If you get this message, take note of the click here link that is below the date in the message.  The picture above has a red arrow that points to this.  Choosing that link will allow you to avoid the upgrade to Windows 10 for the time being.  On the contrary, clicking on upgrade now or OK will likely start an upgrade to Windows 10 on your computer.

One other great program to disable the Windows 10 upgrade is called GWX Control Panel.  This software was not made by Tomlin Technology.  Use this program at your own risk but it has worked great for us every time we used it.  It can be downloaded at  On that page, click on the link under the GWX Control Panel section that says, “as a standalone executable.”  Then when you run that file you will have to accept the terms that come up at first launch.  Then simply click on the box that says, “Click to Disable ‘Get Windows 10’ App (restore icon).”  After that, click on the other box that says “Click to Prevent Windows 10 Upgrades.”  These two boxes are shown in the picture below with a red highlight around them.  After you click on those two boxes, simply close the program.  We hope this helps!


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