More than just a Computer Repair Guy

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I have been working professionally in information technology for a decade. During that decade I’ve seen my industry evolve in a big way. I’ve always worked for small businesses but my role has changed drastically. I was once just a simple computer repair guy but I grew into something much more. 

I started my career by working for a local small computer repair company. I spent the majority of my time repairing computers, removing viruses and resolving software related issues. At that time in my career I was a computer repair guy. My job was basically limited to fixing desktops and not much more than that.

I come from a business background. I attended college with the intention of obtaining a degree in Business Administration. My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and my Father have all owned their own companies. I was fortunate enough to grow up listening to them talk about business and watching them interact with their clients.

As I started working around business owners and their employees I couldn’t help but pay attention to the way they conducted business. Slowly I began volunteering my technical expertise to the clients I worked for. I wanted to help improve the way they did business. I realized that I was much more valuable than some people understood.

It was at that point in time I saw for the first time where my career was headed. I may have been a computer repair guy but eventually I would be an IT Consultant. In the future, companies wouldn’t be paying me just to fix their equipment. They would seek my knowledge of both business and information technology to help them craft their business processes.

Check out this article from Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan for a great comparison between IT Consultants and Computer Technicians. “Are you an IT Consultant or a Computer Technician

I will be writing a series of blogs outlining how I evolved from a computer repair guy to an IT Consultant. My goal is to demonstrate to small business owners why they should hire IT Consultants instead of computer repair guys. Check in weekly to read more.


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