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Synology vs Windows Server: Which is better for your business?

When a business starts to grow my clients often come to me and ask if they are ready to deploy a Windows Server. In the past this was typically an easy answer. I would tell them that if they have five or more workstations purchasing a Windows Server would greatly benefit their business. Since then there has been an increase in the functionality of Synology network attached storage devices. This has made me question my previous position.

With the advancements in Network Attached Storage devices over the past couple of years  I find myself at a crossroads. In the past these devices were little more than glorified external hard drives. That has changed and now they are so much more.

I was introduced to Synology Network Attached Storage devices a few years ago. I thought...

Say Goodbye to your Exchange Server

When I first started working as an IT Consultant there was nothing I recommended more to my small business clients than Small Business Server 2003 and along with it Microsoft Exchange. While many of my clients didn't utilize most of the features that were included in Microsoft's cost effective "All-in-One" server operating system you can be sure that they all used Microsoft Exchange. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Exchange it's basically the bee's knees of email solutions. Many of you may already be using Exchange but if you aren't and you own a business I'm almost certain you're using or have used Microsoft Outlook. Exchange and Outlook go together like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese or bacon, lettuce and tomato... I'm not sure why I've used three sandwich metaphors to describe this relationship...