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Automation Using Microsoft Flow; Automated Emails

What is Microsoft Flow? Microsoft Flow is a software tool that is included in many Office 365 subscriptions. It allows people who do not possess the skills of a developer to automate work processes across a variety of services and applications. For more information visit Microsoft's official page by clicking here. How Can Microsoft Flow be Useful? I first found Microsoft Flow to be useful when it came to synchronizing the Outlook calendar to my Google calendar. I tend to use Microsoft products when it comes to operating my business but I have grown very fond of my Pixel phone and my multiple Google Home devices. A useful feature of Google Home is that the device will give you a quick overview of your day by referencing the events you have scheduled on your Google Calendar. The problem...

Restore Photo Thumbnails in Windows 10

This is a guide on how to restore photo thumbnails in Windows 10.

Ever since I have installed Windows 10 on my primary devices there has been one minor annoyance that's been driving me crazy. When I went into my "Pictures" folder instead of seeing the photo thumbnails I loved all so much I saw a bunch of icons like you see to the left.

If you're like me then when you import pictures from your phone, camera or quad copter you rarely label them in the process. This wasn't that big of an issue in the past since I could preview the pictures without actually having to open them.

Of course this was just a minor annoyance and I put it off until today. I decided that it was finally time to figure out...