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Security for your Network

Network security is a very important component of any business, small or large. In this article I would like to discuss a piece of technology called "Unified Threat Management" and how it can help you stay secure.     What is Unified Threat Management? Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems come in the following forms:
  • Network Hardware Appliance
  • Cloud Service
  • Virtual Appliance
A UTM typically combines a variety of security services such as a firewall, intrusion prevention/detection, anti-malware and web content/spam filtering. The anti-malware software installed on your computer helps provide protection for that individual device while a UTM installed at the edge of your network helps provide protection for the entire network. Deploying both of these counter-measures is a strategy known as "Defense in Depth" and is a industry best practice. Here are the definitions of some of the network security...


This blog post was written by Meghan Callis. She is a student from McDaniel College in the Writing for Main Street class gaining experience with local small businesses. Backing up computer files is extremely important for anyone with a computer. At any moment, something could happen to your files from computer crashes, theft, virus infection, hard-drive failure, liquid damage, and other computer damage. This means you could lose all personal photos, business documents, and other important files. Even if you have anti-virus installed and currently have a healthy hard drive, that does not mean your data is safe. While backing up your data to the cloud is the preferred method, even backing up to an external hard drive is much better than nothing. Backing up stores all of your files into a safe place. There are...