Reviews (anonymous)

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Anonymous Review #1 – Wendy (July 2021)

Tomlin Technology are knowledgeable talented, courteous, and have a remarkable turnaround time for most projects. On top of which they are some of the easiest people I have ever had to deal with – particularly Liam, who handled my computer problems for me.

Not only are they able to communicate in a way that even the least computer savvy individual is able to understand, but they keep their prices well within a reasonable range. This is not only unusual, but is a huge plus to those of us who are retired. It’s also a boon for anyone suffering from the financial strain the pandemic placed on them, but needs their computer to communicate, search for employment, or to work from home.

I have had occasion to consult Tomlin Technology on two separate occasions, each for very different reasons. In each instance they have gone above and beyond my expectations. They also gave me free advice on how to possibly deal with any related issues that might occur once I had my equipment back in my home – who does that in this day and age?!

I have dealt with other companies in the past who were more expensive, and far less accommodating and skilled. Tomlin Technology are a rare breed of individuals in the world of IT. They not only solved my problems quickly and efficiently, which vastly reduced the time I was without a computer, but they did it efficiently and graciously. They have given me a great deal of confidence in their ongoing ability to make my life a great deal easier should I experience any such problems in the future.

I highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in need any type of computer assistance or repair.



Anonymous Review #2 – Wendy’s 2nd (January 2022)

I recently had the pleasure of doing business again with Tomlin Technology located in Westminster. MD. 

Without doubt they are outstandingly talented and accommodating. They have tried to simplify matters for those of us who need any type of computer help, by doing away with the need to book online, a simple phone call is enough to create a work ticket now.  This is a huge benefit to those of us who are consistently busy. 

I was having issues with some of my online records that were showing incorrect information, but only at my end. They appeared correct to the people viewing them at the other end. Despite all our collective efforts, we could not correct the problem. 

I had been subjected to an increasing number of spam emails over the course of the past 6 months, and suspected that my computer had become infected with a virus. I immediately called Tomlin Technology and explained the problem, and Liam suggested I take my computer to them that day. It appeared a new and particularly nasty virus had surfaced a few days previously – one that had the potential to lead to a ransomware attack. 

While my computer was with Tomlin Technology I had them thoroughly check everything. I also asked them about a number of programs that I wasn’t certain I needed, to remove any I didn’t need, and to hide some that had become annoying, but were necessary for some vital functions. While checking everything they noticed my hard drive had become rather noisy, and after some discussion I authorized them to replace it. 

Due to some unforeseen issues, the work took a little longer than anticipated, something Tomlin Technology were very apologetic about. We all face the unexpected on occasion, and, though it was unanticipated, I was actually glad to have a few extra days away from the rigors imposed on me by my computer. 

When I picked my computer up Liam spent time with me going over what Tomlin Technology had done, and patiently answering all my questions.  I did not feel rushed in any way, and it was easy to understand the answers Liam provided. 

I have the highest respect for Tomlin Technology’s professionalism, and their ability to interact with their clients in a way that does not require an independent translator. They obviously do their best to keep their costs at a very reasonable level, and do not undertake any work that has not been previously authorized by the customer – I call that integrity! 

I have no hesitation in recommending Tomlin Technology to anyone who needs computer assistance.  I have sought their help three times now, and have been extremely satisfied with their quality of work, customer service and final cost.  Having dealt with similar companies in the past, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that to come across any one of those qualities is very rare in that particular line of service.  To experience all three together in one business is quite extraordinary. 



Review Posted on Customer’s Behalf #1 – Bracha Kunz

What a nice surprise for the 2nd time in a few yrs. to have this gifted tech expert help with my computer frustration. The politeness and respect, friendliness, deference to me, even when it was obvious that I was clueless re fixing problems… I was able to go from a few recent experiences with scary, evil scammers dedicated to harm to now having the protection I need. When I reported to my family re the help I received, they were very relieved and asked that I convey their thanks as well. They join me in being very thankful to have a great company in my community for excellent computer assistance. I am a senior citizen living alone and this means of communication is really important as meeting one of my greatest needs. Thank you, Liam and thank you Tomlin!