Reviews (anonymous)

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Anonymous Review #1 – Wendy (July 2021)

Tomlin Technology are knowledgeable talented, courteous, and have a remarkable turnaround time for most projects. On top of which they are some of the easiest people I have ever had to deal with – particularly Liam, who handled my computer problems for me.

Not only are they able to communicate in a way that even the least computer savvy individual is able to understand, but they keep their prices well within a reasonable range. This is not only unusual, but is a huge plus to those of us who are retired. It’s also a boon for anyone suffering from the financial strain the pandemic placed on them, but needs their computer to communicate, search for employment, or to work from home.

I have had occasion to consult Tomlin Technology on two separate occasions, each for very different reasons. In each instance they have gone above and beyond my expectations. They also gave me free advice on how to possibly deal with any related issues that might occur once I had my equipment back in my home – who does that in this day and age?!

I have dealt with other companies in the past who were more expensive, and far less accommodating and skilled. Tomlin Technology are a rare breed of individuals in the world of IT. They not only solved my problems quickly and efficiently, which vastly reduced the time I was without a computer, but they did it efficiently and graciously. They have given me a great deal of confidence in their ongoing ability to make my life a great deal easier should I experience any such problems in the future.

I highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in need any type of computer assistance or repair.