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The time is finally right to build the computer of your dreams! Prices are lower than ever, and parts are available once more. Why wait any longer? Bring your components to Tomlin Technology and let us build it for you!

For over 10 years, Tomlin Technology has provided acclaimed computer repairs and upgrades to Carroll County, Baltimore County, South-Central Pennsylvania, and beyond. After years of requests, we are now offering custom PC builds!

It’s the perfect time to get a new workstation, gaming PC, or video editing computer.

Once you’ve picked out and purchased your components, simply bring them to our convenient Westminster, MD location and let our team of experts handle the rest. We do it all, and when your computer is ready, you can rest assured that everything – from airflow and thermal performance, to cable management, to BIOS configuration, to RGB and beyond – has been done right and will last for years to come.

Always wanted a gaming computer, but not sure where to start? Child, grandchild, or friend looking for a gaming PC as a gift? We offer consultations! Call us today at (410) 861-6278, tell us your needs and your budget, and we will prepare a parts list customized and optimized just for you.

Ready to get started? No need for an appointment – just come right into our store and one of our expert techs will greet you and get the process started. Questions? Call us or submit your question online!

Basic Set Up


Includes installation of:

CPU Stock CPU cooler* Motherboard
RAM GPU (if included)** 1x SSD or 1x HDD

Add-on costs:

  • +$59.95 – OS config, drivers, Windows updates
  • +$14.95 – Per additional SATA drive (2.5” HDD or SSD, 3.5” HDD)
  • +$39.95 – Tower air cooler install*
  • +$59.95 – AIO water cooler install*

*Stock CPU cooler, tower air cooler, and AIO water cooler are mutually exclusive.   |   **No discount for no GPU.   |   ***Don’t forget a Windows license!

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We offer consultations! Call us today at (410) 861-6278

Questions? We’re here to help.