Residential Computer Repair Services


We perform a variety of residential services, including:

Residential computer repair is something we love to do! Whether you are in need of a laptop repair or desktop repair, our Westminster, MD based shop will give you a recommendation for exactly what you need. We are confident that we are the best computer repair shop in and around Westminster, MD.

Feel free to check out our Google Reviews here (you’ll have to sign-in to a Google account). We have been in business for over ten years. On day one of operation, we made our first procedures for repairing computers.

We didn’t just stop there either. We have made those procedures better and better every single day to the point that we fully believe there isn’t another company around here that is as thorough as us or thinks as much about what’s best for our customers as we do. We work extremely hard to earn our customer’s trust and we will never take advantage of that!

We offer three different convenient service methods. You can drop off your computer to us (click here for directions), call us to have your computer worked on remotely or schedule an on-site appointment.

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