What to Look for In a Budget Laptop

If you are in need of a new laptop but aren't in the market for a professional grade laptop, we've written this post to give you an idea of some of the key things to look for when picking your next laptop. Processor (CPU) - Intel Core i3 (it'll have a dash and then some numbers after it) *If you can get an Intel Core i5 that's even better Memory (RAM) - 8 GB Storage (Hard Drive/Solid State Drive or SSD) - We are BIG fans of Solid State Drives or SSDs.  They are much faster than a hard drive although you usually get less space when you get an SSD.  It's helpful to know how much space you are using on your current computer.  Depending on your budget, you may have to go with a standard hard drive...

Cyber Security Audits

The number of reported Cyber Security breaches have been increasing each year. What may be even more alarming is that the number of records breached per incident has also increased. The following information was obtained from This website has a lot of useful information regarding data breaches. If you are into numbers head over to their website and take a look.
Year # of Breach Incidents Records Breached
2015 1,673 707,509,815
2016 1,792 1,378,509,261
2017 (First Half) 918 1,901,866,611
  Data breaches can be expensive. According to the global average cost per record in 2017 is $141. This number represents a decrease of 11.4 percent over last year. This reduce in cost is attributed to companies strengthening...