Business Impact Analysis Concepts

When running a business or organization is it very important to perform periodic risk assessments. In this blog post I will introduce you to the concept of a Business Impact Analysis or (BIA). A BIA is a process that can help determine the potential effects that interruptions can cause to the daily operations of your business or organization. While the method used to conduct a BIA varies among organizations, gathering information is almost always the first step. It is important to identify "mission-essential functions" as well as "critical systems". Once you have identified these you can prioritize their importance. The interruption of any of these systems will lead to lost revenue. How much revenue is dependant on multiple factors that you will have to take into consideration. A BIA takes into consideration the following categories:
  • Life
  • Property
  • Safety
  • ...

Ransomware in the Public Sector – Prevention

On May 7th, Baltimore City made the stark realization that they had become the victims of ransomware. City officials have told the public that it could take months of work to get all of their systems online. Many professionals in the field of cybersecurity believe that the attack was not targeting Baltimore specifically. This may bring comfort to some people but when you work in the field like I do, it worries me. Governmental agencies do not have the best reputation for quickly adapting to the world in which we live. Technology evolves rapidly. That is why it is crucial for the public sector to find a way to address new vulnerabilities in a time sensitive manner. Baltimore City was not prepared for this attack and they are paying for it. What happens if a local...