Use an IT Professional!

There is something I want to get off of my chest. I am not writing this article out of anger or frustration. I am generally concerned about the local small business owner and their employees. Let me tell you why using a qualified IT Professional is crucial for your business. As an IT Professional I am often called in to meet with potential clients when they decide that they can no longer manage their IT infrastructure by themselves or when they realize that their current IT company just isn't working for them. When I receive a call from one of these clients I setup an onsite appointment in order to meet with them, analyze their current setup and offer my services. Sometimes this goes very well and I am impressed by what I find but more...

25 Passwords that Hackers Expect You to Use

When it comes to securing online accounts the first line of defense is your password. There are many best practices that you should use when choosing and protecting your passwords but we will save that information for another post. The purpose of this post is to inform you of the 25 most frequently used passwords. If you use any of the passwords on this list we highly recommend changing them something more secure.

The following data was compiled by the gurus over at Splash Data.

1.) 123456 2.) password 3.) 12345 4.)12345678 5.) qwerty 6.) 123456789 7.) 1234 8.) baseball 9.) dragon 10.) football 11.) 1234567 12.) monkey 13.) letmein 14.) abc123 15.) 111111 16.) mustang 17.) access 18.) shadow 19.) master 20.) michael 21.) superman 22.) 696969 23.) 123123 24.) batman 25.) trustno1

As an IT Consultant I've seen many of these passwords used frequently. If you read this list and realize...