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What is a Hacker?

When many people think of the word "hacker" they automatically think of a criminal that spends their time infiltrating computer networks. While this is sometimes true, the word "hacker" did not initially have a negative connotation. Hackers basically work to make programs do things they were not intentionally designed to do. While this can be a negative thing is some situations, it can also be beneficial in others. The proper way to refer to a hacker with malicious intent is by the name "threat agent". In this post I will identify different types of threat agents. I will give you a little insight into the level of experience they have and what motivates them to carry out malicious attacks. Script Kiddie A Script Kiddie is your most basic form of threat agent. They often lack the expertise to...

Types of Malware

Over the years when people have contracted a nasty piece of code on their computers they would say that they caught a "virus". The truth is that a "virus" is just one type of "malware". Malware is any malicious piece of software that you more than likely do not want on to have running on your computer, phone or other smart device. In this post I would identify and define various types of malware to give you a better understanding of what you are dealing with. The first step to resolving any problem is to figure out what the problem actually is. Viruses There is a very good reason why this type of malware is called a virus. A computer virus acts very much like a biological virus. It self-replicates and spreads by using a host file. When...

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