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Carroll County, MD has been the proud home of Tomlin Technology Computer Repair for the entirety of our company’s history.  The county was created in 1837 and it’s safe to say the County has come a long way.  There have been a number of large businesses moving into the county recently.  Another great addition to the county has been the ongoing roll out of fiber internet provided by Ting in the Westminster area.  The county has become increasingly interested in supporting technology as is evidenced by the creation of the Carroll Tech Council, which we are a proud member of!  Most all of our computer repairs and IT services that we offer are done in Westminster, MD and other parts of Carroll County.  For any business looking into the area and considering moving their operations here, we truly believe it is something you should highly consider.  We have a lively downtown area, our computer repair shop is located directly on Main Street in Downtown Westminster.  While we are no experts on history, we always love when customers stop by and tell us stories of what they remember about Westminster when they grew up.  For example, one thing that we never knew before is that the office building we work out of used to be a bowling alley many years ago!  That was just one interesting thing a customer told us.  We are hoping to add to this page over time so please check back to see what we add to it in the future!

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