9 Reasons McDaniel Students Should Consider Tomlin Tech for PC Repairs

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This blog post was written by Meghan Callis. She is a student from McDaniel College in the Writing for Main Street class gaining experience with local small businesses.

Every college student with a laptop has all experienced technological flaws, whether the laptop is too slow, the screen is broken, it crashes all the time, etc. If you are like me, (who keeps the same laptop until it is beyond repairable), then you might even experience a mix of these problems at once.  Yes, the IT desk is on-campus, but there is only so much I.T can do when your computer is broken. Tomlin Technology is a group of local experts not too far from campus. While they specialize in small business IT support, they do a large amount of residential repairs as well. When the IT desk fails, Tomlin is a great option for students.

1) 10% off discounts for college students: This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you are a McDaniel student with your student I.D., you get 10% off on all of their services. Who doesn’t like saving money, especially in college. The prices listed below DO NOT have the 10%off included in them.

2) Local: Tomlin Technology is located at 77 East Main Street, Suite 106, Westminster, Maryland. It is about a mile off campus, so a 20 minute walk or a two minute drive. For more direction information, click here.

3) Help Without Leaving Your Room: For those of you that don’t have a car or don’t have time to go in, Tomlin Tech offers remote support. You can call anytime from 9-5 Monday through Friday at (410)-861-6278. If they can’t resolve your issue, there will not be any charge. Contact them here. 

4) PC Diagnostic: This basically runs through a bunch of features in your computer and checks to see what is wrong with it. Then one of the employees will tell you if it is worth getting fixed or not. Some of the features it runs through include battery, memory, hard-drive, virus scans, unneeded software, web browsers, and more. This costs $49.95.

5) MacBooks and iMacs: I would estimate at least half of the students at McDaniel have an apple computer. Tomlin offers a wide range of repair services specifically for apple computers. The diagnostic charge is $49.95, which goes towards the repair of the computer.

6) Computer Tune-Up: Essentially, this service can offer a major speed-boost. It includes updates, optimization of start-up time, anti-virus installation, junk removal, and more. This service is $149.95.  If viruses are found during diagnostics, Tomlin will do a complete tune-up plus a virus removal service for an extra $50.

7) Laptop Screen Repair: Is something wrong with your screen? Is it really dull or did you crack it when dropping your backpack on the ground? Either way, Tomlin does a laptop screen repair for $134.95 plus parts if needed.

8) Data Transfer: Of course, Tomlin offers a standard data transfer from one computer to the next and light data recovery in case your laptop got corrupted. $114.95 up to 40 GB, and $22.95 per additional 20 GB.

9) New Computer Set-Up: Tomlin Tech offers to help customers get set up on a new computer. The PC setup service basically gets Windows itself configured and optimized. They also offer a 25% discount to transfer files. If you need help reinstalling programs and printers, they offer those services as well.

Side note: Tomlin has a helpful blog! Tomlin Technology’s website offers useful blogs to help with computer needs. Some blog posts that might be relevant are “How to Uninstall Quicktime for Windows”, “How to Avoid Upgrading to Windows 10”, “Beware of Computer Scam Phone Calls”, “Restore Photo Thumbnails in Windows 10”, “Windows 10 the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, and “25 Passwords Hackers Expect you to Use”.

Many students at McDaniel (myself included) do not always realize the resources Westminster has to offer. When something goes wrong with your computer, whether it’s the blue screen of death or you just need some computer advice, Tomlin Technology is a great asset to take advantage of.

Thanks for reading!

Looking for computer repair for your home or IT Support for your business near you in Westminster, MD or surrounding cities of Eldersburg, Hampstead, Manchester, Mount Airy, New Windsor, Sykesville, Taneytown or Union Bridge? If so, consider Tomlin Technology’s premier computer services. We also offer nationwide, USA based remote support to fix your computer over the internet!
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