Why I Love Working In Computer Repair

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Just the other day I was thinking to myself, why do I love what I do so much?  When we first moved our computer repair company into an office space in Westminster, MD I liked what I did but I never stopped to think why.  Since the other day, I have come up with a number of reasons why I truly love working for a computer repair company.

  • Taking away people’s worries.  When people come to us with serious computer problems, to the point they fear they have permanently lost things like family photos, I quickly am able to calm them down. I let them know there is a great possibility we can recover their data and if we can’t we can likely refer them to someone else who can.  They leave our shop knowing we will prioritize saving their valuable data before we even work towards repairing the computer as a whole.
  • Working locally in a town that I grew up in.  Having a computer repair company in Westminster, MD, the city I grew up in, is something I truly enjoy.  I get the opportunity to help so many friends, relatives and previous co-workers with many of their problems.
  • Helping to build a business from scratch.  This point isn’t specific to working in computer repair but more about helping a friend build a business from scratch.  One of my closest friends, Zach Tomlin, started this company just as I was graduating from college.  I transitioned into working with him and before I knew it I was hooked.  Every day I get to wake up and say to myself, what will I do today to help build our business.  Knowing we are building something is an incredible feeling.
  • Helping people do more with their computers.  Having the ability to not just repair people’s computers but put myself in their shoes and think of different features that I can see they aren’t taking advantage of.  For example, a customer recently replaced an old desktop computer with a laptop.  They were so pleased to find out they could hook their old monitor up to their laptop and have two screens.
  • Giving back to my hometown.  Given that our computer repair company is located in Westminster, MD, we have built our company up to the point that we can give back to our community.  Since being founded in 2010, we have been proud to donate money and our services to numerous non-profit organizations that needed help.

These are just a few of the many things that crossed my mind as to why I love what I do.  Often times customers and friends of mine ask me how I got into doing this or what makes me love it so much, so there it is.

Thanks for reading!

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